Performance vs. Trust

Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "A Performance vs. Trust Perspective in the Design of End-Point Congestion Control Protocols". We are grateful to Hung-Yun Hsieh (Georgia Tech) for providing the pilot version of the RCP ns-2 code.

Low-Rate Denial of Service Attacks

Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "Low-Rate TCP-Targeted Denial of Service Attacks (The Shrew vs. the Mice and Elephants)".

TCP Low Priority (TCP-LP)

A distributed algorithm for low priority data transfer in the Internet.

Rice Packet Ring

The Distributed Virtual Time Scheduling in Rings (DVSR) protocol, a new MAC to achieve fair, high performance bandwidth allocations in packet rings.

Egress Admission Control

A protocol for edge-based admission control for scalable quality-of-service management.

Opportunistic Auto Rate (OAR)

An opportunistic media access protocol for multi-rate IEEE 802.11.