Rice Networks Group Software

Evaluating User Experience

Scripts agnostic of network architecture that evaluate different aspects of user experience. They can be attached to network systems invoking remote code execution.

Fullroaming Software

A Host-AP based driver that provides a clean-state, flexible and tunable way for implementing and experimenting with a variety of handoff policies.

Asynchronous Multichannel Coordination Protocol (AMCP)

AMCP is a distributed medium access protocol that addresses starvation in multi-hop wireless networks by exploiting the use of multiple channels with a single radio.

Multi-band Opportunistic Auto Rate (MOAR) MAC Protocol

MOAR is an opportunistic media access protocol for multi-PHY-rate random access protocols using multiple frequency bands (or channels).

Performance vs. Trust

Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "A Performance vs. Trust Perspective in the Design of End-Point Congestion Control Protocols". We are grateful to Hung-Yun Hsieh (Georgia Tech) for providing the pilot version of the RCP ns-2 code.

Low-Rate Denial of Service Attacks

Ns-2 code and simulation scripts from the paper "Low-Rate TCP-Targeted Denial of Service Attacks (The Shrew vs. the Mice and Elephants)".

TCP Low Priority (TCP-LP)

TCP-LP is a distributed algorithm for low priority data transfer in the Internet. TCP-LP is now part of the standard Linux release (see http://tcp-lp-mod.sourceforge.net/ and http://sourceforge.net/projects/tcp-lp-mod/).

Rice Packet Ring

The Distributed Virtual Time Scheduling in Rings (DVSR) protocol, a new MAC to achieve fair, high performance bandwidth allocations in packet rings.

Egress Admission Control

A protocol for edge-based admission control for scalable quality-of-service management.

Opportunistic Auto Rate (OAR)

An opportunistic media access protocol for multi-rate IEEE 802.11 that provides time-share fairness.

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