Rice Networks Group Research Projects

Research highlights with a single exemplary paper (see publications and press coverage for more information):
  • Visible Light Communication Systems (2010-present). Designed and implemented a vehicular VLC system with applications to Internet access and safety (ACM VANET 2011)
  • Multi-User and Distributed MIMO (2009-present). Implemented the first multi-user MIMO WLAN and demonstrated simultaneous transmission to users separated by centimeter-scale distances (ACM MobiCom 2010)
  • Vehicular WiFi (2007-2008). Demonstrated vehicular WiFi handoffs in 200 meter radius urban WiFi cells. (ACM MobiSys 2008)
  • WiFi modeling (2005-2008). Developed the first model of CSMA-based contention that characterizes starvation arising from topological and channel asymmetries. (IEEE INFOCOM 2006)
  • Mesh fairness and 802.11s (2004-2008). Designed and implemented mechanisms, algorithms, and theoretical framework for fair bandwidth distribution over multi-hop wireless networks. (ACM MobiCom 2004)
  • Secure Wireless (2004-present). Evaluated DoS and security threats to WLANs and multi-hop networks and built MU-MIMO systems resilient to eavesdropping. (IEEE INFOCOM 2012)
  • Diverse Spectrum Access (2003-present). Developed underlying theory and algorithms (IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking 2007) and a prototype spanning 500 MHz to 5 GHz (IEEE INFOCOM 2013)
  • Clean slate design of wireless protocols (2003-2006). Designed and implemented an FPGA based platform for clean-slate protocol design. (HotNets 2003)
  • Multi-Tier Mesh Access Networks (2003-2008). Architected, designed and implemented the Technology For All wireless network with custom hardware and software for access, backhaul, and capacity tiers. (ACM MobiSys 2006)
  • Opportunistic Multi-Rate WiFi (2002-2005). Designed and evaluated opportunitstic rate adaptation that scales the amount of data transmitted to the channel rate, holding time shares constant for time-share fairness. (ACM MobiCom 2002)